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Episode 18 – Microsoft Build 2015 is PG

Episode 18 – Microsoft Build 2015 is PG

This week we cover Microsoft Build 2015. From Azure, to Office, to Windows 10, to HoloLens and back again. Android and iOS apps on Windows? Listen to find out what Mark and Ben think in episode 18 of the Incoherent Podcast.

The Enterprise – Asure and Office


We begin our discussion of Microsoft Build 2015 by going over some of the more interesting enterprise announcements from Build. Focusing first on Microsoft’s cloud solution Azure:

We look at the strength of Microsoft in the enterprise and their recent openness to support additional platforms.

Windows 10


We leave the enterprise realm and head to the more consumer focused world of Windows 10. We go in depth on Microsoft’s attempt to bring developers and apps to Windows:

Microsoft announced four “universal platform bridges” each named after bridges in the real world. Each bridge will allow developers a new way to bring their apps into Windows 10.

Project Westminster – Web Apps

Makes “it easy for you to create a Windows app that packages your website for publishing to the Store. Once installed, your website can update and call Windows APIs from JavaScript, creating a more engaging user experience.

Publishing your website into the store will be as easy as providing your URL and clicking ‘publish’. ”Project Westminster” will also enable you to light-up additional device capabilities in your packaged website.”

Project Centennial – Win32 Apps

Makes “it possible to package and publish your current .NET and Win32-based Windows applications to the Windows Store, providing a new way of distributing and monetizing your application on Windows PCs.

In addition to packaging your application for Store distribution, ”Project Centennial” will also enable you to take advantage of Universal Windows Platform capabilities and APIs.”

Project Astoria – Android Apps
Allows “you to build apps using Android code to target Windows 10 phones without having to leave your Android IDE.

In addition to extending the IDE, ”Project Astoria” will include a Windows phone emulator and interop capabilities that help your app (including UI and services) to run and look great on the Windows platform.”

Project Islandwood – iOS Apps
Allows “you to build a universal Windows app from within Visual Studio 2015 using your existing Objective-C® code.

You will be able to import your Xcode® project into Visual Studio, tailor the app experience to run on each Windows device family, and extend your iOS code to take advantage of Universal Windows Platform capabilities.”

All quotes from Microsoft’s Universal Windows Platform Bridges site.



We then move onto Microsoft’s augmented reality solution Hololens. We discuss possible usages and some complaints that were leveled at the latest development model.


We wrap up the podcast with a discussion of Microsoft’s strength in the enterprise and it’s growing weakness / relevance in the consumer space.

We also talk about snakes a little bit.

Mark Mruss is a computer programmer by nature and by profession. He’s written Android apps, win32 apps (we called them applications back then), apps in python, and even a website or two. He is currently fascinated by all things mobile. He likes computers, beer, and his family (not in that order).

Episode 011 – The Edge of the Galaxy

In this episode we talk about the recent Mobile World Congress and everything new that was announced. Ben covers the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge and the Huawei Watch. Mark talks about the HTC One M9 and the recent tech introductions coming from and to China.

We cover much more, so check the episode companion notes below and follow along as we get cracking!


Sky Zone:


Huawei Watch:

Huawei Watch

Moto 360’s flat tire:

Moto 360 flat tire

LG Urbane running WebOS

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge:

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

S6’s crazy benchmark scores

S6 Edge’s Twitter ticker and other cool news tickers:


IKEA selling Qi charge-enabled wireless furniture

Samsung Galaxy S6 popped out camera module:

Galaxy S6 camera module


How to pronounce Huawei:

How to pronounce Huawei


Android 5.1 announced

A video that Mark took of us recording this episode:

Google Code shutting down. Remember to export your projects now to GitHub or GitBucket!

GitBucket is apparently a thing


Facebook announces Facebook Pay for Messenger:


Google Hangouts lag issues

Snapchat announces Snap Pay… SnapCash:


YouTube announces incredible immersive 360 degree videos – like a video photosphere:


Microsoft Project: Einstein hints rumor to move digital assistant Cortana over to Android and iPhone (iOS):

Asking Cortana some sexy questions


Google opening up the API for Google Now’s card interface, making it more accessible for developers


Windows 10 coming to Xiaomi

Apple hinting at big rumor of actual Apple TV service, partnering with multiple cable providers and more


Ben buying a Pebble Time watch, with the world’s biggest bezel:

World's biggest bezel. The Pebble Time watch


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The Incoherent Podcast Episode 006 – We Go to CES

CES 2015 is over and done, so we talk about all the highlights, new products, awesome news, and more that we learned from the huge electronics event. Mark gets excited all over again about bandaids. Ben reminisces over Human Target and finally figures out Microsoft’s product naming scheme.


Ramp Up Manitoba

Winnipeg PHP


A Taste of Mardi Gras contest

Mayor Bowman conducting:


Ladies Learning Code

Secret Handshake

Richard Altman

River Trail Mutual

Raw Almond Documentary

Joe Black Coffee

Goodbye Target

Chef Rob Thomas

More WeMo Sensors

Android Auto

Techpinions CES Car Coverage

That one HD nature channel:


Comcast Gigabit Internet

Obama talks about Internet speeds

Sling TV

Yoda Phone:


Bluetooth Band-Aids

Techbeans podcast

It’ll ding if I am going to hit you


Sir MonkBent of Benedict

Spartan Browser:



Dreamcast spiral:




Stadium Events


Trident Engine

Windows 10

Microsoft Halo Lens

How many journalists does it take to replace a lightbulb?


Human Target:



Jackie Earle Haley:


A Nightmare of a Remake:


Doug Bradley:


Robert Englund:



Human Target using the Surface:


Mark Valley:


Microsoft Halo Carbine:


Google Chromebook Drive Integration

Dell Experion 2080 x7:


Xbox AirPlay

Google on its way to pulling Google Glass – Our first 2015 prediction coming true

Homer’s GIF website


Marks boring links:

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