We welcome our first guest, Dan Vadeboncoeur: co-host of the Media Nerds Podcast, instructor at Red River College, and fellow Manitoba Podcast Network member.

We compare Facebook, Twitter and Google+, and make some predictions about the future of celebrity Periscopers.

We discuss the impending Winnipeg Free Press paywall and the changes happening to traditional print media in favor of digital media. We cover the growing podcast medium and try to figure out “is podcasting the new blog?”. We also cover the fun of podcasting live on location across various locations here in Winnipeg.

We all cover the massive budget that free-to-play mobile games have now a days, with impressive a-grade celebrities starring in their commercials.


Follow along with companion links, images and videos that we mention during the episode below:

Jimmy Fallon golf putting (you call it comedy, I call it activities with celebrities):


… and I’m not alone:




The Winnipeg Free Press Paywall

Winnipeg Free Press Paywall



Instagram and Twitter’s previews (or lack thereof):


The Paterson Global Foods Institute:

The Paterson Global Foods Institute


Ben Rogers on Snapchat:

BenRogersWPG on Snapchat


Flip Camera and the Motoroloa Moto Razr:

Flip CameraMoto Razr



That Game of War commercial featuring Kate Upton suggestively riding a horse that Ben never watched:


The hamburger model of freemium games with addons costing you:

The hamburger model of freemium games with addons costing you:




Liam Neeson (that Taken guy) starring in a Superbowl commercial:


Big Brother on the Real Player:

Big Brother on the Real Player


The channel dedicated just to people farting in the movie Idiocracy:







Fuller House


Road Hard by Adam Carolla:



Let’s all go to ChrisD.ca!


Media Nerds Podcast

Media Nerds Podcast


Manitoba Podcast Network:

Manitoba Podcast Network



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