Commodore 64

Welcome to episode 24 where Mark and Ben discuss the future (or lack thereof) of the personal computer.



Follow along with the companion post below. Videos and articles about what we talked about during the episode, all about the future of the pc and personal computing of tomorrow!

Fastest processor ever

New battery technology

Largest storage

128-bit computing

Future of input devices and keyboards

Artificial Intelligence and the future of AI technology, using WATSON as example

ARMPAD the new keyboard of the future?

Visions of Technology – Future of computing, such as wirelessly connected pc, wire-free: and using your smartphone as a PC

10 Display Technologies of the future – such as HAPTIC touchscreens

Jack Bauer 24 intro recorded by Ben at CTU headquarters.

Mark Mruss is a computer programmer by nature and by profession. He’s written Android apps, win32 apps (we called them applications back then), apps in python, and even a website or two. He is currently fascinated by all things mobile. He likes computers, beer, and his family (not in that order).