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Episode 26 – Snapchat

Starting off with the first episode in our new Social Network Series, Mark and Ben go in-depth discussing Snapchat, the snappy social network.

What is Snapchat?

Snapchat is a photo-based social network where the phone’s camera becomes the content generator. Every photo is temporary and is automatically removed after 24 hours from the time it was posted. Users can post multiple photos throughout the day, adding to their profile’s photo library – known as their story. Users can communicate privately to each other as well – using various digital mediums such as audio recordings, videos, text conversations, and photos off their phone’s camera roll.


Episode Notes

Mark opens up the discussion with some snap news, where it was announced as the social network with the most active users, surpassing Twitter.

Ben goes through how to use Snapchat, tactics for its content, how to navigate through the different menus, and how to grow your Snapchat presence and following. Ben shows Mark how to add people using their snapcode, from either a photo on Twitter, another person’s phone, or a photo that you’ve taken earlier.

Ben goes on to discuss how Snapchat is more of a unfiltered window into your daily life, whereas Facebook and Instagram is more of a “perfect life window” instead. This is why he feels Snapchat is important – it is a perfect medium between Instagram and texting.

We discuss the Discover section of the app – how it is used and what content brands post, and how it is consumed. Ben notes how he has been using the app for a while now, and pretty much never uses Discover.

Mark asks the very important question – “what is the benefit of Snapchat to a business or a brand?”. Ben and Mark discuss the benefits and reasons a business would want to get onto this network.

Snapchat Predictions

Ben announces many of his Snapchat predictions – what he feels will be coming to future updates of the app, and what direction he feels the company will take.

  • Sticky (permanent) stories – Snap Stories that last longer than the 24-hour auto-delete window. A way for potential followers to see what type of content a user posts, similar to YouTube’s channel trailer.
  • Find a friend (integrate your Facebook / Twitter friends with a “handshake” of approvals, similar to Tinder)
  • Making sharing your snapcodes/snaps easier
  • Brand pages
  • A way to set specific snaps to expire longer than 24 hours – or shorter. Currently there is only a way to control how long a snap displays on the screen for, not how long it will stay on your story.
  • A count on everyone’s profile displaying how often they snap, or the last time they snapped.
  • Upload a video you took earlier, snip it down into a snap
  • Webpage dedicated to your stories – similar to Instagram web – requiring a login
  • Longer than 10-second videos
  • Landscape videos
  • Multiple Logins
  • Picture-in-picture mode (front facing camera displays in the corner of your back facing camera photo)

Do you use Snapchat? What type of content do/would you post? Do you see any of Ben’s predictions coming true?

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Episode 24 – The Future of the PC

Commodore 64

Welcome to episode 24 where Mark and Ben discuss the future (or lack thereof) of the personal computer.



Follow along with the companion post below. Videos and articles about what we talked about during the episode, all about the future of the pc and personal computing of tomorrow!

Fastest processor ever

New battery technology

Largest storage

128-bit computing

Future of input devices and keyboards

Artificial Intelligence and the future of AI technology, using WATSON as example

ARMPAD the new keyboard of the future?

Visions of Technology – Future of computing, such as wirelessly connected pc, wire-free: and using your smartphone as a PC

10 Display Technologies of the future – such as HAPTIC touchscreens

Jack Bauer 24 intro recorded by Ben at CTU headquarters.

Mark Mruss is a computer programmer by nature and by profession. He’s written Android apps, win32 apps (we called them applications back then), apps in python, and even a website or two. He is currently fascinated by all things mobile. He likes computers, beer, and his family (not in that order).

The Incoherent Podcast Episode 005 – Facebook Is Dead

Our first episode of 2015! Ben talks about his Vegas vacation and what he did for new years. Mark brings up his top tech stories of last year, then we start predicting the big changes we will see in 2015. We discuss big disruptive social media services and one of us even all-out announces that Facebook is dead!

Facebook is Dead


Selfie Stick (see larger photo above):

Ben puts his high school friends on notice
Rift bought by Facebook
Mark’s 2015 predictions – part 1 and 2
Google Glass:

Robert Scoble in the shower:

Samsung parts inside Rift
The Campfire Union and the Small Farms Conference
Andy Rubin leaves Android
Facebook buys whatsapp
The Interview and the Sony Hack
Snakes on a Plane:

Jennifer Lawrence 4Chan “hack”
Steve Ballmer CEO search
Bill Gates drinks poo water:

Uber in Winnipeg ban
Apple Watch:

Bitcoin block chain
The right to be forgotten
Beyonce’s silly faces:

Steve Ballmer dancing with Fergie:

Wikileaks promotional products:

Under the Influence with Terry O’Riley
Edward Snowden’s TED Talk:

Adam Carolla fires Alison Rosen
Clap boards:

Ben’s prediction of streaming video
HTC handlebar periscope camera streams live to YouTube:

Social media technology trends by Brian Solis
Twitter’s What you Missed
Parlour Coffee
Clickhole, by the makers of The Onion
Ben reviews Snapchat vs. Vine
Polariod phone?
Google Chrome Frame:

A Taste of Winnipeg Mardi Gras
Bennedict Cumberbatch is pregnant
PewDiePie playing Happy Wheels:

Mackatron on YouTube:

Google Wallet never for Canadians
Samsung’s Smelth
Chromecast Mirroring
Chromebook Android Apps
Throw your IKEA catalogue at the wall and see a stool virtually:

Taylor Swift pulls her own music
Chain letters and Snopes

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