We’re back talking entirely about Apple’s 2015 WWDC conference. We discuss everything that Apple threw down, and go over the OS X, iOS, Apple Watch, and Apple Music announcements. There was lots to cover on this one folks, so we have a silly time going on longer than normal! It’s WWDC 2015!

Ben, as a solely-Android person, gets confused by iOS and OSX while Mark makes great points about the future of music when we cover Apple Music.

So grab an iPhone, record your sun exposure on HealthKit, read about the effects of sun on skin through Apple News (in split screen) and pay for some sunscreen with your Apple Wallet – because this episode gets hot *Ben puts on his shades, CSI-style and jumps off the El Capitan mountain on a parachute*

Ben’s sexy Google Photo video auto-generated by his photos and videos taken when he went to Vegas (editor’s note: it wasn’t Winnipeg Mardi Gras, but Vegas, and there are no dancing ladies – close enough):


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