We’re back live on location! This time, Ben and Mark record at the local establishment: Barley Brothers. While streaming part of the podcast on Meerkat, we talk about Ikea, Top Gear, the Apple Watch (again) the end of Internet Explorer, and we reminisce about our old Mario and Nintendo nostalgia. We also speculate about the payment models that the new Nintendo mobile games will use. Ben describes Japanese teaching and learning styles and how they translates into web design and game design today in the form of kishotenketsu.

Grab a game controller and a beer (or root beer – Ben) and get ready, because this one is full of Nintendo goodness!


Follow along while you listen! – Episode notes of everything we talk about:

Barley Brothers Winnipeg:

Barley Brothers Winnipeg


Falco IPA from Evil twin brewing:

Falco IPA from Evil twin

Rumor’s Comedy Club:


Jon Dore:

Jon Dore


The Book of Mormon:

The Book of Mormon


Pub Chat Podcast

The huge Erdinger beer:

That huge Erdinger beer


Meerkat App:


IKEA placing ban on in-store hide and seeks:

IKEA hide and seek


Flattering angles (ceiling mirror) vs (hair cut apron):

ceiling mirror

hair cut apron

Adam Carolla’s podcast revenue

Apple releasing SDK to developers for the Apple Watch:



Partnership between Google Android Wear Tag Heuer and Intel:

Intel Tag and Google cutting their wood



Thanks Obama for your flag lapel pin:

Obama flag pin


Standing at the entrance of the Apple Store:

Standing at the entrance of the Apple Store


Apple Watch fitting by an Apple genius:

Apple Watch fitting by an Apple genius


Top Gear stars James May and Richard Hammond BBC postponing season filming after issues of Jeremy Clarkson punching a producer:

Top Gear Jeremy


Mario Goomba:

Mario Goomba


IFTTT Pushover ESPN instant sports notifications:

IFTTT Recipe: Winnipeg Jets Final Scores for Pebble Watch connects espn to pushover


Analog watches with smartwatch capabilities such as smart lights:

Analog watches with smartwatch capabilities such as smart lights



USB-c condom – SyncStop on Kickstarter:

USB-c condom - SyncStop on Kickstarter


Rogue charging stations

Ben’s Kickstrater quick charging Legion Meter:

Ben's Kickstrater quick charging Legion Meter


Microsoft announces the end of Internet Explorer

Internet Exploder:

Internet Exploder


Amnesty upgrade program for Windows 10 for non-genuine pirated copies

Nintendo bringing games to mobile devices




Level design guidelines for rapid safe learning environment inside Super Mario 3D games:



Mushroom and Gumba similarities in early Mario:

Mushroom and Gumba similarities in early Mario


First Mario game was made by 10 programmers




The Mario cat suit (or was it the cape?):

The Mario cat suit


The zippy y-shaped share icon:

The zippy y-shaped share icon





That video of the guy failing over and over in Mario Kart 8 for Wii U:


Floating princess in Super Mario 2:

Floating princess in Super Mario 2


Square Enix:

Square Enix


Satoru Iwata saying that free to play games are actually “free to start”




Upcoming Nintendo codname NX

Nintendo 64 Zelda:

N64 Zelda


The Zelda 2 game that everyone hates except for Mark:

The Zelda 2 game that everyone hates except for Mark


Zelda 2 I am Error:

Zelda 2 I am Error


Zelda 2 Skeleton Man:

Zelda 2 Skeleton Man


Ben loves BBC Sherlock too much, he savors it

Shame tweet @BenRogersWPG #applewatch to get one

Ben preparing for this episode (yes, even in this day of digital everything, he still hand-writes notes):

Finally, thanks to Matthew King for our great NES featured image.

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