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Episode 013 – Stop…Pebble Time

In lucky episode 13, Mark and Ben take a look at the newly Kickstarted Pebble Time smartwatch. We look at its new features, the record breaking kickstarter numbers, and why Ben decided not to get one.

Shame Tweet?

Yes, we are currently running a twitter shame-tweet campaign to see if we can get Ben to give in and purchase an Apple Watch. You don’t even have to write anything, just click this handy dandy shame tweet link.

Now down to podcast business.

What is the Pebble Time?

Pebble Time Smart Watch

It’s version three of the Pebble smartwatch series developed by the Pebble Technology, Corp out in California. They’ve sold over One million units so far, which is pretty cool, check them out.

So why cover the it on this Podcast?

Well the Pebble Time just finished a record breaking Kickstarter campaign, and Ben has a Pebble so we thought it would be a good time to talk about it. Also we felt that we had to cover something other than the Apple Watch for once. (Even though we managed to squeeze it in a few times)

Why did Pebble go back to Kickstarter again for the Pebble Time?

For that answer let’s look at their Kickstarter page:

Pebble was brought to life by 68,929 backers who supported our vision three years ago. Even though we’ve grown tremendously since then, we’re still a small company battling some of the largest competitors in the world. We believe that this is the best and most efficient way for us to get our latest product to the people who want it most: people like you.

How did it do in it’s Kickstarter campaign?

The Pebble Time kickstarter was very successful. The campaign broke several Kickstarter records, including raising one million dollars in the shortest amount of time and the most money raised overall. TechCrunch has a nice article that broke the Kickstarter numbers down so let’s take a look at them:

In the one month Kickstarter Pebble raised $20,338,986 USD which translats into a total of 95,906 pebbles sold. That total number can be broken down into: 58,966 Pebble Time sold and 36,940 Pebble Time Steel sold. The Steel is just a more upscale fancy looking version of the watch.

Over all this was a 11.6% increase in the number of Pebble’s sold between the two Kickstarter campaigns, and an increase of 65.8% in the amount or revenue raised. The large increase in the total amount raised and the modest increase in the number of units sold shows a much higher average revenue per user (ARPU) on the second Kickstarter. This increase in ARPU makes sense given the higher price of the Pebble watches in the second Kickstarter and the addition of the also higher priced Pebble Time Steel variant. The original pebble was Kickstarted for either $115 or $120 whereas the Pebble Time Kickstarted for $159 to $179 and the Pebble Time Steel was Kickstarted at $250.00.

What’s new in the Pebble Time?

The big new features in the Pebble Time are:

  • A Colour screen with 30 FPS animation capabilities.
  • A built-in microphone to respond to emails and texts.
  • The new Pebble Timeline OS.
  • Smart bands that let you easily add sensors and other components to your Pebble.

Pebble Time Smart Watch

So why didn’t Ben buy it?

Well for the complete answer you’ll have to listen to the podcast, but in a nutshell he felt that the new features were not worth the upgrade, especially given that the Pebble Timeline will eventually be released for all models.

How does the Apple Watch fit into this? (Mark)

I’m glad you asked, again listen to the podcast for all of the details, but really we look at the Pebble as being something quite different than the Apple Watch and not a direct competitor. In the end we decide that the expected large sales of the Apple Watch will help Pebble sell more smartwatches. A rising tide and all…

Anything else?

Yes, did you shame tweet Ben yet? If not here’s another link:

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Mark Mruss is a computer programmer by nature and by profession. He’s written Android apps, win32 apps (we called them applications back then), apps in python, and even a website or two. He is currently fascinated by all things mobile. He likes computers, beer, and his family (not in that order).

Episode 010 – Bullish or Bearish: The Apple Watch

Here is the tenth episode of The Incoherent Podcast, in which we planned to talk about Mobile World Congress and the Apple Spring Forward event and instead spent all of our time talking about Apple and the new Apple Watch.

First we revisit the fancy Sony SD card and discuss some feedback we got on our previous commentary in episode 8 Loopy Apple Car.

Then it’s into the Apple pring Forward event, where we spend a little bit of time going over the Apple TV portion of the event (the HBO partnership is quite interesting) and then go into deeper depth on the newly announced MacBook.


Mark waxes poetically on the lack of ports while Ben remains sceptical that he could ever use a computer with only one port. We both agree that the colour choices (particularly) the gold makes a lot of sense and go over some of the other new MacBook features.


Then we do a deep-dive into the Apple-Watch. We take a look at the features, the apps demoed, the battery life, the pricing, and try to figure out whether we are bullish or bearish on the the future of the Apple Watch.

In the end we are pretty bullish on the Apple watch, although Ben decreases his first year predictions to 11 million in the first quarter and 22 million in the first year, and refuses to admit that he really wants to buy one. Mark sadly forgets to answer Ben’s question and his prediction of 10 million in the first quarter and 30 million in the first year still stands. He’s also thinking of picking one up.

If you are feeling bullish or bearish on the Apple Watch let us know in the comments below or on twitter: @IncoherentPod. If you think you know how many Apple Watches will be sold in the first year we’d love to hear that as well.


Editor’s Note: The Chromecast actually costs $39.00 CDN, making the Apple TV that much better of a deal in our ever so humble opinion.

Mark Mruss is a computer programmer by nature and by profession. He’s written Android apps, win32 apps (we called them applications back then), apps in python, and even a website or two. He is currently fascinated by all things mobile. He likes computers, beer, and his family (not in that order).

Incoherent Podcast Episode 008 – Loopy Apple Car

Ben and Mark are back in the studio after our special live episode. In this episode, Ben talks about his fun at Festival du Voyageur, IFTTT and HTTP2. Mark talks about Microsoft’s relevancy and the mystery surrounding the Apple Car. Ben even starts a new segment “Is this an unnecessary tech?”. So grab your tea and turn on your Pebble, because we are about to “deep dive” into some newsworthy important tech and fun!


Greetings from Ben at Festival du Voyageur:

Ben Rogers and Amy at Festival du Voyageur


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Apple Car:

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Samsung buys Apple Pay competitor LoopPay, Loopy:

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Alibaba and Aladdin’s flying drones:

Alibaba and Aladdin's flying drones

Segment: Is this an unnecessary tech?
Sony releases quieter high quality audio SD card:

Sony releases quieter high quality audio SD card


Elastic hard drive and old-style microphone:

Elastic suspended microphone

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