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Episode 22 – Ben Makes Twitter Comedy

Ben was given full reign to make up this entire episode, from research to writing and the theme. He thought long and hard about topics and how the episode should flow and came up with an idea – Twitter Comedy!

…Then he had an epiphany (appiphany?)

Instead of asking people on Twitter, he did various searches on Twitter, polling people’s thoughts and ideas to discuss with Ben. We go from talking about weird inventions, movie ideas, app ideas, childhood memories to weird tweets about the number 22 (this episode number) and everything you could ever think about being Canadian.

Ben calls this segment and new approach to content, Ben Takes to Twitter. Who knows, if it is popular he might make it a recurring segment of all future episodes.

Warning – the discussions go in rapid fire, and they get pretty silly.


Podcast companion blog – see the below Tweets, links, articles and images for every single piece that Ben found while researching this episode, as well as everything we mention.


Part 1 – Our Dedication to Canada Day


Best things about living in Canada


Getting attacked by a goose:


7 reasons to love Canada living


That indestructible hockey puck:


Snowing and then 6 days later really hot:

My favorite thing about Canada is:



Maple cookies:




Part 2 – Discussion of Silly Inventions

Soccer Net shoes:


Office tanning lights:

Vape pen pen:

Sock machine:

Office texting microwave:

Hint – the website, does not exist! So, good luck, cybersquatters!!


Part 3 – Weird Childhood Memories


Caddy lake spider tunnels:

Caddy Lake spider tunnels

Parachute gym:

Not paying bills:




Part 4 – Dumb Movie Ideas

Twitter The Ring:

The actual Evil Girl… GUYS …. DON’T RETWEET HERRRRRR!:


One of those tweeter guys I know who have neat account names (@oo):


Baby world:

HER Whoopi:

Hummingbirds fighting:

Hummingbird territorial arc dance, flying in the shape of a U:



Driving Tall?


The Rundown:

Walking Tall:


Erased DVR horror:

Me me me:

Adam Sandler’s pickle:




Part 5 – Wishful Twitter Wishes

Born a celebrity:

Fast forwarding to see the future:


Cashback (freezing time insomnia):

That Time Movie with Rachel Mcadams:

Enjoying kids movies:

Animal Cruelty in Milo & Otis






Part 6 – The Worst App Ideas (or best?)

Saving your own snapchats without caption:

What is and what isn’t raven:

Raven Symone announces stuff


Drunk text deciphering:

Ice cream food truck:

Chef movie with that Swingers and Ironman guy:



Books with sound:


Guy Pearce in Lockdown or Lockout:


Proofreading tweets before posting:



Part 7 – The Number 22 (coincidence that this episode is #22?)

How do you write your 2’s:




Sesame Street remembrances:



Magazine around the number:



Seeing it a lot:

Today – seeing it a lot:




Part 8 – Hey Bub, It’s Summer!

Party time:

All those silly deaths in Game of Thrones:

Summer freckles:

Lighter hair:

Summer classmates:


The Pharaoh Tweeteth Thee:

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The Incoherent Podcast: Episode 21 – WWDC 2015

We’re back talking entirely about Apple’s 2015 WWDC conference. We discuss everything that Apple threw down, and go over the OS X, iOS, Apple Watch, and Apple Music announcements. There was lots to cover on this one folks, so we have a silly time going on longer than normal! It’s WWDC 2015!

Ben, as a solely-Android person, gets confused by iOS and OSX while Mark makes great points about the future of music when we cover Apple Music.

So grab an iPhone, record your sun exposure on HealthKit, read about the effects of sun on skin through Apple News (in split screen) and pay for some sunscreen with your Apple Wallet – because this episode gets hot *Ben puts on his shades, CSI-style and jumps off the El Capitan mountain on a parachute*

Ben’s sexy Google Photo video auto-generated by his photos and videos taken when he went to Vegas (editor’s note: it wasn’t Winnipeg Mardi Gras, but Vegas, and there are no dancing ladies – close enough):

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Episode 20 – We Go to Google IO

In this episode Ben and Mark cover everything that happened at Google IO 2015. The new Android M features, the Android Wear improvements, the new apps, the huge list of upcoming tech, and much much more. Ben feels a need to purchase a Google Cardboard set, while Mark digs into how Google is gathering data from more sources than ever.

So go and take a photo of fries, upload it to Google Photos, download it on your watch… this episode is all all about Google.



Companion Blog – follow along with the audio and check out pictures and videos of everything we mention below:


That Lacoste Alligator:

Lacoste Alligator



The actual Lacoste Garden Centre that Ben went to:


Ben is a plant parent now and planted these nice succulents:

BenRogersWPG Planted Succulent


How to pronounce rooibos (I was close!):



The luxury of Android Auto


The What You Gunna Do Guy in Android M:

Android M What You Gunna Do Guy


The annoyance of the Android Lollipop Contextual Volume

The annoyance of the Android Lollipop Contextual Volume



Android Doze and how amazing it is for battery life


Android Wear timeline of watches produced:

Android Wear timeline of watches produced at Google IO


Android Wear’s new Wrist Gestures

Android M’s new blocking mode and do not disturb modes


The new Android M dark theme and dynamic theme options:

The new Android M dark theme and dynamic theme options


TeslaUnread for Nova Launcher – lets you show iOS notification counts on icons:

TeslaUnread for Nova Launcher - lets you show iOS notification counts on icons


Photos by Google. The coolest app for collecting and analyzing your photos:

Photos App by Google


Results of Ben searching for fries on Google Photos:

Results of Ben Searching for Fries on Google Photos



The best song. True Survivor by David Hasselhoff:


Kung Fury, the 30 minute explosion movie!



Google Now on Tap:

Google Now on Tap



Sonny Rollins:

Sonny Rollins pwiddle-loo-pwiddle-loo-baap



Google Cardboard (new edition):

Google Cardboard (new edition)



Social media consultant, web content manager, social media coordinator, developer, public speaker, photographer, blogger.
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